Focus Group Discussion

Focus group interviews are a qualitative method that aims to get information about the psychological and socio-cultural characteristics and practices of the groups, subgroups themselves, and their conscious, semi-conscious or unconscious, and to learn the behavior and the reasons behind these behaviors. Group discussions are a qualitative research method in which a certain number of participants come together with the moderator and discuss their opinions and opinions on the pre-determined topic.

In-depth interviews

It is a qualitative data collection technique that aims to examine in detail the structure, relationality and patterns of a given subject with an inductive approach and which includes document review, interview and observation. Interview or interview technique is one of the most widely used and most basic data collection techniques in qualitative research. Semi-structured, unstructured, in-depth, oral history, such as varieties are available. It is a flexible method that allows the participant to express his / her personal experiences, viewpoints and thoughts on a subject in his own words.

Ethnographic Visits

What do you do to understand the interaction of people with a product and their behavior during this interaction? Obviously, it is not like watching them in their real life, in their environment. This is why fieldwork in user experience research is extremely important. In order to understand your users or test your prototypes, you should direct them to the source, ie users. Fieldwork and the one-to-one interaction you experience with users can help you create the most effective designs because they help you better understand their needs, behavior and goals.

Mystery Shopping

Confidential customer work is the observation of the observer’s service by hiding the observer’s identity, then the service received and the person and / or the point of sale-service point is based on defined criteria. Secret Customer Survey; one of the most effective ways to see yourself through the eyes of the customer. Secret Customer Survey is an act of professional or real customers who are trained in advance to measure their service processes and report their experiences in a detailed and impartial manner.