By using a printed questionnaire, we have face-to-face interviews with the target audience of our business partners and we obtain reliable data on the needs of our customers and the characteristics of their target audience.


Using registered questionnaires, we provide a reliable and faster research service to our customers without any geographical restrictions. In our CATI studio, we work in many languages ​​around the world for our business partners’ target audience through our operators and supervisors.


CAPI is another form of face-to-face interviews. Responders answer questions at the computer. Various electronic application packages are designed to make the questions understandable. Applications are facilitated with helper screens and messages. In the interviews, there are staffs who accompany the respondents and accompanying staff.

Studio Works

Studio studies are a preferred method in product researches in which the package / packaging / taste data which the properties are tested with especially comparative product types can be reached.