Health Research; researches that produce thought and scientific knowledge in the field of health. The target group is the public sector, the private sector and the third sector (non-governmental organizations), both at the macro and micro level. Preventive health services for the environment and individuals, social medicine, health education, health literacy and disease-based studies are the subjects covered by public health research.


Consumer Research; One of the most fundamental requirements of being a successful brand today is that the products and services of this brand can meet the needs and demands of consumers and that this can be measured. You can learn the behaviors of your target audience, you can reach feedback and thoughts about your products, marketing and brand work.


Brand Awareness Studies; Brand awareness means settling in the perception of consumers. Your brand recognition will be higher than your competitors and so, your sales at the final point of sale will be higher. The most basic brand awareness research is done by asking 4-5 questions to the subjects in the target group.



Product Testing; In order to provide consumers with safer products, manufacturers are increasingly putting their products to the test by independent organizations. These researches are known as new product development, current product or existing product change. The purpose of the product test is to determine the approach of existing consumers, competitors or potential consumers against the product.


Advertising Research; It is of great importance to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the target group, whether they reach the desired goal and how the campaign makes an impression on the target audience. The measurement of advertising activity is carried out through advertising research. These quantitative and qualitative researches reveal the numerical values of advertising effectiveness and the insight of the target audience on advertising.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys; With customer satisfaction measurements, it is aimed to determine the satisfaction level for the processes that will be defined for each process and to determine the reasons that cause this situation, to understand the priority issues and to determine the ways to increase customer loyalty.


Secret Customer Research; Confidential customer work is the getting service of the observer by hiding the observer identity, then observation of the service received and the person who service is received by and / or the point of sale-service point is based on defined criteria. Secret Customer Survey; one of the most effective ways to see yourself through the eyes of the customer. Secret Customer Survey is an act of professional or real customers who are trained in advance to measure their service processes and report their experiences in a detailed and impartial manner.