The Success Brought By Focusing on a Single Field

Sinüs Marketing Research claims that focusing and expertise in a single field lies in the foundation of excellent service and perfect customer satisfaction. Having specilized in medical and health research in this framework, our company keeps other research areas out and does the best job it knows in the best way.

Medical Research has its own jargon and specific significance according to its content. Thus, everybody and every institution can not serve suitable and efficient research in this category. We, as Sinüs Research acted upon by seeing this absence in Turkey and aimed at this target with our team.

We aimed at growing steadily and offering service quality over the market level. Our basic target is to strenghen our current position in the industry we’re in and to raise the human quality in department and integrity base and always stay as the leader.

Sinüs Marketing Research Expertise Scope

The essence of wide information and communication data is the most important item that makes us different from others.
Sinüs Marketing Research has a strong database of doctors in all branches in medical segment.(gsm, mail, hospital info, departmants).

Sinüs Marketing Research has a very special experience and knowledge in difficult-to-meet fields such as Oncology, psychiatry,hematology, endocrinology, rheumatologist in Turkey category.

Executed Projects and Scopes
Sinüs Marketing Research has the skill of starting 20 medical projects and executing in the field at the same time with its big and experienced staff.
Here are the projects we executed…

Doctors with all branches

1. Patient Registiration- Panel Practices (Taking the patients’ prescription informations from the doctors).
2. Face to face meetings in hospital ambiance.
3. Voice recording meetings.
4. On-line community.
5. CATI practices.
6. Focus Groups meetings and organisations
7. Practices towards the conference image with the attendant doctors in Conference Halls
8. Instutional image practices
9. Classifed customer practices
10. Duo practices


PANEL( Prescription) information collecting practice
Our company has an important experience in hard-to-investigate medical fields such as as Oncology, psychiatry. We broke ground by directly taking the prescription information of 300 patients in Oncology segment, 210 patients in psychiatry segment for four years throughout Turkey.

Apart from these two special fields, we carried out practices on registering the presciption information of doctors in fields such as asthma, copt, diabetes lipid reducers. In Medical Researches, we applied data collection methods as a company philosophy by going out of simple questionnaire approach, expertising steadily and turning towards special subjects.

The practice principles during projects
Projects are organised from the HQ in İstanbul. HQ regularly shares all the details in the field by keeping in touch with the client . The regions can not go to any change in Project sampling without the approval of İstanbul HQ. Cargo flow in the projects is determined by the center by keeping emphasis on field deadlines and customer expectations.
İstanbul center Office makes %30 telephone controls in each project.
All field researchers working in our projects throughout Turkey are attended with Regional managers

Group Meetings
The doctors related to the areas that clients’ research topic are invited to the conferance hall in clients’ determination times. In this area, we have the connection and a wide database of the doctors that all branches and we have experience on organising focus group meetings from İstanbul center office throughout to all cities in Turkey.